Richard Poole

Richard started working out with us because he thought that he looked a lot older than his years. He is down 3 pants and shirt sizes. Most importantly, he is now completely off his blood pressure medication. "It is never too late to get on track and transform"

Diana Ahmed

"Personal training, personal training, personal training! In all honesty, this was key for me. They made me feel like I was their only client.”."

Mark Rinaldi-Ross

"Being unfit is a downward spiral"

Brent Gale

"I now look and feel, young and healthy. (Hollywood good looking as well)."

Jim & Mary-Kay

Jim – “When I first started, I could not run, at any speed, for more than a minute I am now running for 30 minutes straight. That is longer than I remember running in my entire life.”Mary-Kay – “Since joining Refine Fitness I feel stronger and healthier. My energy has increased, I’ve noticed my weight is “better distributed” and my clothes fit so much nicer. I have also eaten breakfast every single morning since joining. (Something I have never done before).” Krista Miller -LOST 70 lbs9” off waist8” off hipsLost 12% body fat. I have increased strength and energy and have noticed less fatigue with my running. I can feel my muscles in my arms!’

Tina Cremasco

"There are so many things that I love about Refine Fitness: the staff knows all of their clients by name, you don’t have to wait to get on a machine and there is never a hassle to reschedule a workout session."

Shanna Komsa

Despite being incredibly busy (she has 4 kids AND she’s an event manager), Shanna prioritizes health and fitness. She wanted to be more active and set a good example for her children. "I look forward to discovering new limits. I leave my sessions with a feeling of success and achievement". She feels a lot happier, more energetic and a lot less stressed. She no longer suffers from hip pain due to bursitis: a condition that her doctor suggested that cortisone shots were her only option for treatment. She was also told that this would affect her the rest of her life.

Kevin Wilkinson

"I have a lot more energy now. I feel stronger and fitter than I have been in many years"