Refine Fitness Studio ...for adults and busy professionals
Refine Fitness Studio ...for adults and busy professionals Refine Fitness Studio ...for adults and busy professionals Refine Fitness Studio ...for adults and busy professionals
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Client of the Month – August 2014 – David Cameron

David Cameron - POSTER

Congratulations to the second of 2 Clients of the Month for August: David Cameron.

Here’s David’s story:

David started working out because he realized that he did not want life to pass him by. He realized that he was making up excuses to get out of working out. The key for him was to just get started and not give up.

Now, David is receiving a lot of positive feedback from family and friends. He is now wearing smaller clothing sizes and feels a lot healthier. He no longer eats junk food either! David has now lost 20lbs and 15 inches and continues to lose even more.

His trainer Sarah says: “Dave has come so far! One of his biggest goals was to gain core strength so that he could ride his motorcycle with ease. He can now ride his motorcycle for hours at a time. Dave is a hard worker and is always early to warm up. I couldn’t ask any more from a client. I’m so proud of you Dave!”

Congratulations David!

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Client of the Month – August 2014 – Shanna Komsa

Shanna Komsa - POSTER

Congratulations to the first of 2 Clients of the Month for August: Shanna Komsa.

Be sure to check back next week to find out who the other winner is!

Here’s Shanna’s story:

Despite being incredibly busy (she has 4 kids AND she’s an event manager), Shanna prioritizes health and fitness. She wanted to be more active and set a good example for her children.

“If it weren’t for my training sessions, I never would have thought I could lift heavy weights. I would not have pushed myself to go beyond my comfort level. But now, I look forward to discovering new limits. I leave my sessions with a feeling of success and achievement.”

Shanna has lost 6 inches and 4% body fat. She feels a lot happier, more energetic and a lot less stressed. She no longer suffers from hip pain due to bursitis: a condition that her doctor suggested that cortisone shots were her only option for treatment. She was also told that this would affect her the rest of her life.

Her trainer Marco says: “Shanna is the definition of a work horse. She gives 100% at every session. The secret to her success is that despite being incredibly busy, she prioritizes nutrition and exercise. She never makes excuses even though it would be very easy for her to do so.”

Congratulations Shanna!

If you would like to start training with us and see what YOU’RE capable of, call us at 519-253-9400 to book in a FREE consultation with owner Mike Bates.

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